GitHub 10 Repos for JavaScript Developer

GitHub 10 Repos for JavaScript Developer

I've included 10 amazing GitHub repos which will help you to become a better JavaScript Developer. These repository will clear your all doubts in Javascript, also you can practise more problems using the below repos.

1. JavaScript Algorithms

Star: ~116k ⭐️

This repository contains JavaScript based examples of many popular algorithms and data structures. Each algorithm and data structure has its own separate README with related explanations and links for further reading (including ones to YouTube videos).

2. JavaScript Questions

Star: ~37k ⭐️

JavaScript Questions

This repository contains a long list of (advanced) JavaScript questions along with their explanations and gets frequently updated

3. Clean Code JavaScript

Star: ~56k ⭐️

Clean Code JavaScript

This repository consists of the software engineering principles, from Robert C. Martin's book Clean Code, adapted for JavaScript. It's a guide for producing readable, reusable, and refactored software in JavaScript.

4. Awesome JavaScript

Awesome JavaScript

Star: ~25k ⭐️

A collection of awesome browser-side JavaScript libraries and resources. This repository contains a list of variety of frameworks, template engines, articles and post, documentations, reactive and functional programming

5. 30 seconds of Code

Star: ~82k ⭐️

30 seconds of Code

This repository contains a huge collection of short JavaScript code snippets which can be super useful while working on your JavaScript projects thus increasing your efficiency and knowledge.

6. You don't know JS

Star: ~143k ⭐️

You don't know JS

This repo is a series of books on core mechanisms of the Javascript language. The 2nd edition of the series is currently in progress, while the first edition is available and is entirely free to read online!

7. JS Interviews

Star: ~53k ⭐️

Awesome Interviews

Your personal guide to Software Engineering technical interviews.

8. Front-End Checklist

Star: ~55k ⭐️

Front-End Checklist

There are a million things to take care of when you launch a website. So how do you ensure you have taken care of things that can break your product when it goes into production. Enter Front-end Checklist.

9. Front End interview handbook

Star: ~31k ⭐️

 Front End interview handbook

This repo promises to make you go from zero to front-end interview hero even if you don't have prior interview experience. And, from the number of stargazers it has, it looks like it delivers on that promise.

10. Airbnb JavaScript

Star: ~113k ⭐️

Airbnb JavaScript

A mostly reasonable approach to JavaScript

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