HTML Email Template for beginners

HTML Email Template for beginners


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For any HTML Email Developer, you all know how difficult it is to create a fully working and compatible HTML email for newsletters or campaigns.

The knowledge I have gained over the past 6-10 months, to create beautiful and compatible HTML email for my company’s campaigns.

Useful Resources πŸ”₯

  1. HTML Email Check

Check the markup (HTML, XHTML, CSS) of HTML emails and newsletters.

html email check

  1. PutsMail

Test in real time your HTML emails for campaigns, newsletters and others before sending them.

puts email

There are few CSS properties, which will not work in email template. You can refer the below link for all the CSS properties which you can use while creating any email template.

Campaign Monitor CSS

CSS monitor for email template

There is one easiest way to create an email template by using table HTML element.

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Smashingmagazinefor layout

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